Q: Is this a Veteran owned company?
A: Unlike most "Challenge Coin" companies, COINFORCE.com is OWNED & OPERATED by RETIRED MILITARY VETERANS...
Jordan "Sarge" Haines, USAF Retired
Donna Haines, USAF Retired

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: Over 10 years. COINFORCE.com was started in 2003.

Q: What is the difference between Challenge Coins made by COINFORCE.com and other companies?
A-1: We make AUTHENTIC Military-Grade Challenge Coins, most other companies make "COUNTERFEITS", and frankly why would you order from a company that isn't owned and operated by a Veteran, nor ever served a single day defending our country?
A-2: In addition, we are a "one-stop shop" for all your custom imprinted coffee mugs, beer glasses, floor mats, screen-printed t-shirts, 1,000s of items directly from us. Be sure to visit COINFORCEPromos.com

Q: Please explain your "FREE Artwork" offer?
A: Once we receive your deposit (min $300.00 - which is applied towards your order) and/or full payment, our graphic design team will create an initial Challenge Coin design at NO CHARGE to you.

Q: Will you design a Challenge Coin for me to see BEFORE deciding to have COINFORCE.com make my Challenge Coins?
A: No, and here's a few reasons why...
1 - The initial time invested in designing a custom Challenge Coin design involves 1-3 hours.
2 - We have to pay our extremely gifted graphic designers for their time and talent. The less that our overhead costs are, the less we have to charge for our Challenge Coins, which benefits all of our customers.

Q: After I approve the sample coin, when will my order be shipped to me?
A: Approximately 14-21 business days.

Q: When I re-order, do I have to pay shipping charges?
A: NO!, our "Free Shipping" offer is applicable to re-orders too!

Q: Who do you use for shipping?
A-1: United States Postal Service (Priority Mail).
A-2: UPS (Upon request at your expense).

Q: Can I purchase shipping insurance for my order?
A: Yes, simply let us know that you want your order insured and we will let you know the cost based upon the replacement cost of your order.

NOTE: Because COINFORCE.com, LLC isn't responsible for any damage/loss once your order is presented to the shipping companies, requesting and purchasing insurance is your responsibility.

Q: How can I tell if your company made our Challenge Coins?
A-1: Beginning in 2006, we started engraving (space permitting) "COINFORCE" in the smallest readable text on the bottom edge of the challenge coin.
A-2: Ask us directly. Simply contact us and we will check our records and database.

Q: Why do you laser engrave "COINFORCE" on the bottom edge of each Challenge Coin you make?
A-1: Our name is your assurance that you have invested in the very best Challenge Coins and that those who have been presented one of your Challenge Coins have received only the best, made by the world's finest Challenge Coin company.
A-2: We are very proud of the quality and workmanship that goes into each of the Challenge Coins we make. When you buy a school class ring, watch, etc., you will see those companies name on thier products which clearly identifies the quality that you are in possession of. We have done the same so you and others know who made your Challenge Coins.
A-3: We are contacted daily and asked, "did you make our Challenge Coin?". Having our name on the Challenge Coin is especially helpful to identify us as the source.

- Our name is laser engraved on the Challenge Coins at the time of mass production.
- Upon your WRITTEN request, we can leave our name off your Challenge Coins.

Q: What is your order cancellation policy?
A-1: Orders already approved for mass production CANNOT be cancelled.
A-2: If cancellation occurs before mass production, customer is obligated to pay a $150.00 cancellation fee; and if applicable, die fees and artwork fees.
A-3: Any monies paid will be used towards final bill. If a balance is owed by customer, the credit card on file will be charged.

NOTE: The information on this page is subject to change without notice.


Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Businesses,
Organizations, Schools, Clubs, Fraternities, Sport Teams, Government Agencies… EVERYONE!


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Authentic Military-Grade Challenge Coins

Authentic Military-Grade Challenge Coins

We Earn Our Stripes Everyday! Trusted Since 2003


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