What is Vibraprint?

  • Vibraprint is a full color digital printing process that can be printed on many different materials. These different materials create different visual effects for your imprint. All feature a semi-permanent adhesive and are finished with a poly dome.
  • This process is an excellent choice when your design includes shading, bleeds, photo-realistic images, or gradient fills.
  • The materials can be cut into a custom shape to meet your design requirements.

Classic Vinyl Label
– Solid White Background.
Vinyl labels yield the highest accuracy when matching PMS colors, shading, bleeds, or gradient fills.

Vibraprint Classic Vinyl Label

Sparkle Label – Multi-Colored Hologram design.
For truly eye-catching look, these labels add a ‘pop’ factor & larger than life feeling to your design. Use it to create an unforgettable shimmering effect on the whole label or selectively applied to make different elements of the artwork stand out.

Vibraprint Sparkle Label

Mirror Label – Polished Mirror Design.
Like wet paint on an artist canvas, this label allows for extremely vivid colors & a reflective sheen that can create an energetic feeling. This effect can be applied selectively or to the whole piece of art.

Vibraprint Mirror Label

Brushed Label – The principle design pattern of the award industry.
These brushed labels offer classy texture & depth. The subtle pattern of the brushed foil creates a refined look & feel which can be used in many different contexts & which are virtually identical to that of Mylar labels.

Vibraprint Brushed Label


Vibraprint Machine

They say “Speed, Quality, and Cost… our Vibraprint machines put out all 3. Working fast with high quality, these bad boys get it done.

Vibraprint Machine
Vibraprint Doming

After the Vibraprint machine is finished, each imprint gets a poly dome to complete the finished looked – doming enhances, decorates, and protects.


More About Vibraprint Printing

Vibraprint is a full-color digital dye sublimation printing process that uses specialized inks and heat to transfer high-resolution images and graphics onto various materials, such as the vinyl that is used in many of our QuickFAST! Express line of products, like our Coins, Lapel Pins, and Award Medallions. This printing process is also commonly used for producing labels, signs, banners, trade show graphics, t-shirts, and other promotional products. The Vibraprint process is also ideal for producing items in small quantities or for custom designs, as there are no screens or film negatives to produce, which keeps cost relatively low.

The Vibraprint process starts by printing an image or design onto the material using special inks, which is a unique type of dye-based ink. This ink contains solid dyes that are transformed into a gaseous state when exposed to high heat and pressure which causes the sublimation ink to penetrate into the material. Once the heat is removed, the gas reverts back to a solid state, and the color is permanently embedded into the material. This results in a vibrant, durable, and long-lasting print that will not peel, crack, or fade over time.

One of the key benefits of Vibraprint printing is that it can produce high-quality images and graphics with a wide color gamut and excellent color accuracy. The sublimation ink system allows for the creation of millions of different colors, making it possible to reproduce highly detailed and intricate designs. In addition, the transfer process ensures that the colors will not bleed or fade over time, making the printed products ideal for long-term use and exposure to sunlight.

In conclusion, Vibraprint is a versatile and cost-effective printing process that can produce high-quality, long-lasting prints on a variety of materials. With its wide color gamut and excellent color accuracy, it is an ideal choice for producing our QuickFAST! Express line of products or for small runs of promotional items such as signs and banners.

Vibraprint Digital Dye Sublimation Printing
Panton Color Chart